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Because every client is different and each project is unique, so are our solutions. We understand that some of you will want a quick off-the-shelf solution, others will need a bespoke solution that integrates with their existing and unique management systems. Either way, we'll have a great solution and you can rely on our extraordinary expertise in this area.


We know the complexities that have to be taken care while designing a web portal. A web portal is not a simple website, but it is a powerful tool to attract, serve and hold the attention of a large number of users who are looking to your portal for quality information, updated information and many more.


Therefore it becomes important to design the portal to give the users a great experience combined with easy navigation.


OnlinXP India Advantages:


OnlinXP India has specialized in developing simple to the most complex web portals for different industries. All these portals are designed to be flexible, easily manageable and expandable.


OnlinXP develops web portals for...


  • B2B Sectors
  • B2C Sectors

As we know, useful information, good design, powerful search and user-friendly navigation, all are the essential ingredients of a successful website. OnlinXP India embeds all these and much more in every portal that is designed. OnlinXP's strength includes in-depth knowledge of latest and advanced web technologies, understanding of the target audience results in "PORTALS" that are simple and effective.


OnlinXP India uses best of the processes and practices in designing the portals.

These processes include:


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Interface Designing
  • Database Designing
  • Navigation Structure Designing
  • Module Development
  • Modules Integration
  • Testing on Local server
  • Testing on Live server
  • Training
  • Launching the portal
  • Collecting feedback
  • Maintenance Support

OnlinXP's well-planned portal development approach ensures you get one of the best portals that continuously attract more and more users every day. This will result in a greater brand image, higher visibility and 100% returns on your investments.


OnlinXP's Portal designing services caters to various sectors such as:


  • E-Commerce Portals
  • Custom Portals
  • Finance Portals
  • Educational portals
  • Career Portals
  • Travel Portals
  • Transportation Portals
  • Real Estate Portals
  • Fashion Portals
  • News Portals
  • Market Research Portals
  • Institutional Portals

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