Static Website vs Dynamic Website


Which is better Static Website or a Dynamic Website?

Static Website

A static website is the simplest kind of website, that are written in HTML and CSS. The only form of interactivity on a static website is hyperlinks.
If you need an informational or 10 pages website for your business, then Static website is ok but we will not recommend you static website if you are running a big or Small Medium Business (SMB).


  • Easy HTML & CSS Coding.
  • Fast Loading Speed.
  • Best for Small Websites.


  • No good for a website which has more than 10 pages.
  • You need to manually code everypage.
  • For any changes, add, edit or modify html and CSS knowledge is required.
  • Very uncommon these days


Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is a kind of website, where even a non-technical user can add / edit / modify or delete any contents / images / pages / urls / SEO tags etc. Best for all type of businesses / blogs / personal website.


  • Built on CMS, even your non-technical staff can manage this kind of website.
  • Fast Loading Speed.
  • Best for all type of businesses, bloggers and enterprises.
  • You can build unlimited pages and moderate as per your requirement.
  • It is a need of modern day marketing.


  • Cost may go higher, cost totally depends on requirement.
  • Need to pay or higher some professional agency to maintain website database.
  • If using plugins, you need to update them regularly.

We recommed you to go for a Dynamic Website, whether your requirement is small or very complex, a dynamic website is your solution.


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